The PCOS Diet: How to Get Started Eating Healthy with PCOS


What do you think of when you think of changing your life by finally taking control of your health? For many people, getting healthy seems hard. They think of gross, tasteless health food. They think of not being able to eat some of their favorite foods. They can also see it as a chore, a […]

10 Ways to Create a Healthy & Eco-Friendly Nursery

how to create a healthy and eco-friendly nursery

The Nursery. This is probably the one topic of this pregnancy that I have driven my hubby the most nuts over. The majority of the last part of this pregnancy I have spent in a mild panic about all the possible toxins that are present in baby supplies. We all want the best for our […]

Combating Nutritional Illiteracy Part 3: Majority of American’s Diet is Junk!

As a part of this ongoing series regarding how to combat health and nutritional illiteracy in America, it is important to realize that the diet of 90% of Americans is based on junk! It’s true! If you missed part 1 (Health Illiteracy in America) or part 2 (10 Ways to Start being Healthy), go back and check those […]

Apple Pickin’ Time is Tickin’

Apple Picking 2010 005-1

I love the fall season! That crisp morning air that you wake up to just makes things feel so fresh! My favorite thing about the fall season is that it is apple picking time! There are so many different types of apples! It is estimated that there are over 2500 different types that are grown […]

Get Healthy Recipe: Crazy Banana Berry Green Smoothie

Welcome to another friday recipe! Can you believe it is already October? Just because fall is here does not mean you have to give up great tasting fruits! Frozen berries can be great in smoothies! This week I am so excited to bring you my very first friday recipe that is on video! I decided […]