Top 25 Healthy Living Bloggers!

Today I decided to switch things up a bit and give you a list of my favorite healthy living bloggers.

I find that these blogs are just jammed pack full of valuable information on how to take your health to the next level by exploring the natural side of healthy living.

I encourage you to check out these blogs and you will definitely begin to see why I find these so full of awesome content!

So, here are my Top 25 Favorite Healthy Living Blogs (in no particular order) that you’ve gotta check out:

  1. Dr. Weil: Dr. Andrew Weil is all about integration of Eastern and Western remedies for existing conditions. However, he also is a well-known advocate for preventative health through eating well and through using natural resources to maintain that health.
  2. Natural News: This site is all about healthy and natural living news. Stay up to date on what is going on in the world of health and how to reach an optimal level of wellness without the use of pharmaceuticals, chemicals, food additives, etc.
  3. Making Love in the Kitchen: This blog focuses on healthy food and embracing an overall healthy life! This is a great blog for learning about how to eat and life healthier with lots of motivation and inspiration and a dose of fun!
  4. Renegade Health Show: This video blog has so many great videos that will help you learn the different steps to making food healthier as well as your life through a high raw diet. They also have an abundance of natural health information that will supercharge you on your road to healthy living.
  5. Circle of Food: This blog has tons of information about food recall safety, recipes, and many great healthy lifestyle tips.
  6. Eat Live Run: Jenna is a a 24-year-old food writer with a passion for nutrition. She has lots of great information about healthy living!
  7. Healthy Food Journal: This blog has a team of professional writers from various backgrounds and fields of expertise where you can learn how to eat healthier!
  8. Joanna’s Food: This blog is all about a family cooking from scratch on a daily basis and is a great place to start when learning how to adopt healthier eating habits.
  9. The Raw Food Coach: Karen has a great blog and is a great mentor even if you aren’t wanting to choose a raw or living foods diet. It is a great resource for incorporating more whole foods into your diet. Plus her smoothies are AWESOME!
  10. The Ethicurean: Great information on sustainable, organic, and local foods.
  11. Healthy Living: This blog is all about adopting simple changes for a lifetime of health.
  12. Leigh Peele: She has one of the most motivating diet, training, and healthy living blogs out there! Take control of your health and get Leigh on your side!
  13. Urban Organic Gardener: Mike Lieberman has one awesome blog that chronicles his urban gardening activities and really makes growing your own produce in small places practical and he actually makes you want to start trying! One awesome blog about getting healthy food right in your backyard or balcony!
  14. Ideal Bite: This site also has great information about small changes that can make a big difference on our health with topics including fashion, food, health, and home.
  15. Live Lighter: Need a dose of inspiration in losing the weight? Check out this blog where a woman talks about how she turned her health and her life around.  
  16. Nature Moms: Tiffany has an awesome blog about how moms can improve the health of their families with lots of great healthy, natural, and green lifestyle tips.
  17. Laurel on Health Food: Laurel is a certified holistic health counselor and has tons of great tips on healthy eating and nutrition.
  18. The Art of Eating Chocolate Naked: I have had the pleasure of getting to know Kimberly through a community we are a part of and I absolutely love her blog! It is all about allowing women to embrace themselves as they are!
  19. Pure and Simple You: This is another fellow healthy living blogger who I have gotten to know and absolutely love her healthy living blogging style. Her blog is all about how to eat healthy and actually enjoy your food.
  20.  Healthy Andy: Andy is a great blogger I have enjoyed getting to know. His blog is all about healthy diet and exercise for a healthy you!
  21. Amelia Burton: Want a blogger who is all about health, diet, fitness, is a personal trainer and will definitely get you motivated to start your journey to a healthy lifestyle! If you weren’t motivated before, this blog will put all the pieces together and get you started!
  22. Healthy Green Lifestyle: Are you looking for a place where you can check out how to be healthier and green? This blog is your source for eco-wellness.
  23. Organic Authority: This blog has all sorts of information on how to get healthy and incorporate more organic products into your life! It’s a great way to take the next step to healthier food!
  24. The Healthy Home Economist: Learn how you can get healthy starting with making your own food at home. Skip past all that propaganda out there trying to tell you what to buy and what to eat and learn how to be healthy the real way by getting to know Sarah, the healthy home economist!
  25. Trading Up Downtown: Check out Tina’s blog where she discusses the nutritional side of city living. Learn how you can lead a healthier life with Tina’s information on healthy recipes, shopping, grocery shopping, and much more!

Did you go check them out and show them some love by joining in on their community conversation? Are there any more healthy living blogs that you think should be on this list? Leave a comment below and let me know!

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  1. Hil says

    Thank you for sharing the links to the other bloggers, it cultivates a real community spirit in a particular niche, it shows real caring for your audience.

  2. Jeremy Silva says

    I am always impressed with contact that is applicable in real life. Thanks for the tips. I must restart my healthy eating regime now the weather is improving (i wish)

  3. says

    Thanks for a no-nonsense post. Healthly eating is such an important part of our health, and it doesn’t mean we have to go to extreme. My own blog is new, but nothing like as comprehensive as yours. Well done for a good read

  4. Thiago daLuz says

    That’s quite a list of awesome blogs. I’m sort of just getting into healthy living. My policy before was “Why do it if I can fake it?” So my lifestyle wasn’t bad, per se, I invested in things that WERE good for me in a way, like taking care of my skin, but its really not enough if I refuse to eat well or exercise. This is an inspirational compilation, nice job!

  5. says

    Just want to add regular exercise, drinking adequate water, avoiding excess sun-exposure, cleaning, toning and moisturizing your skin daily and regularly, good hygiene practices, a healthy lifestyle (no late hours, no cigarettes, no liquor, etc.), skin exfoliation 1-3 times a week will erase wrinkles and lines, and help you look young.

  6. e-healthdoctor says

    Thanks for sharing these great blogs with us. These gives a motivation and inspiration to live a very healthy life. To live happy is the most important thing and these blogs gives a lot of happiness.
    Thanks again!!!

  7. alex d says

    Healthy eating means maintaining a nutritious diet. I believe it to be important to every one. I stress a healthy life to my family and friends and I try to show them the benefits to it. I think the greatest benefit most of all is that it makes you feel and look great. If your not eating healthy, then you are not helping your body. You are filling it with what it does not want, instead, help your body out and eat healthy. The turn out is awesome. I have been eating healthy for years and I have never felt better in my life.

  8. says

    Hey Amber, this is a great post – it’ll be fun to check out all these blogs for healthy living info! And *blush* it’s an honour having Live Lighter included on your list. Many thanks! :)


  9. says

    Hi Amber,
    We thought you might want to consider our blog? – we have five children who were all born at home and they have never been to a medical doctor EVER. Their ages range from 22 – 31!!
    Perhaps some people would like to know what effect Chiropractic has on the nervous system which controls and co-ordinates every cell and system of the entire body. Our children have had chiropractic care since the day they were born. We focus on Eating Well, Moving Well and Thinking Well!! and have been able to achieve a super healthy family.
    We wish you all the best for 2011.

  10. says

    Amber, you are really on a roll. How can anyone resist joining you on your quest for good health?

    I fully believe eating healthfully and adding good exercise to our daily routine is essential to good health.

    II will definitely check out each of these blogs.

    You are one of my role models for sure.

  11. Kimberly says

    Amber, thanks so much for including me in this group. Looking forward to checking everyone else out.

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